10 Best java project Ideas for Beginners to start

Create an application capable of performing arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). You can make it more sophisticated by including scientific functions and a graphical user interface (GUI).

Creating a Calculator

Create a password management program that securely handles and stores user credentials. You can use features for password generating and encryption.

Password Manager 

Create a game in which players answer queries on a variety of topics. Apply a scoring system and keep track of high scores. You can add a timetable and multiple-choice questions to expand it.

Quiz Game 

A Currency Converter project in Java involves building a program that allows users to convert between different currencies. Users input the source currency, target currency, and the amount to convert. 

Currency Converter

Create a two-player game in which each participant places their mark (X or O) on a 3x3 grid in turn. Implement logic to check for a winning condition or a tie, and permit participants to participate in multiple rounds if desired.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game 

Use an API to fetch weather data and display it to users in a user-friendly format. Include features such as displaying the current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), a five-day forecast, and the ability to search for weather in different locations.

Weather Forecast App 

Create a chat application that enables users to transmit and receive instantaneous messages. To facilitate communication between a client and a server, you can use sockets or a web-based framework like WebSocket. Integrate features such as multiple conversation rooms, private messaging, and user online status display.

Chat Application 

Implement an algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles. Users should be able to input an unsolved puzzle, and the program should display the solved solution. You can also add features like generating new puzzles, validating user input, and implementing different difficulty levels. 

Sudoku Solver 

An airline reservation system is a Java-based application that enables users to search for flights, book tickets, and manage their reservations. It includes features such as user registration and login, flight search based on various criteria, seat selection, ticket generation, secure payment integration  etc.

Airline reservation system

Design an application to help manage a library's collection. Users should be able to add new books, search for books by title or author, track borrowed books, and handle returns. You can also consider incorporating features like book recommendations based on user preferences.

Library Management System 

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