10 Best Universities in the USA for MS in Computer Science 

Harvard provides a challenging computer science curriculum with a focus on research and collaboration.

Harvard University

The Georgia Institute of Technology is well-known for its technology programs, such as computer science, and offers online and on-campus options.

Georgia Institute of Technology 

The University of Washington is famous for its research-focused computer science curriculum and is situated in Seattle, a center for IT businesses.

University of Washington 

The computer science program at Princeton focuses on the theoretical and fundamental parts of the area.

Princeton University 

Caltech is a smaller university renowned for its computer science research and multidisciplinary approach.

California Institute of Technology 

Stanford offers a highly regarded computer science program with strong connections to the tech industry.

Stanford University 

The university has a thriving computer science community as well as close ties to business.

University of Texas at Austin 

Carnegie Mellon's program is well-known for its emphasis on computer science and engineering and features a number of distinct concentrations.

Carnegie Mellon University 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has its headquarters in Cambridge, is widely recognized as a premier institution for research and innovation in computer science and other subjects.


(University of California) at Berkeley is recognized for its cutting-edge research in computer science and its proximity to the tech industry in the Bay Area.

UC Berkeley 

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