10 Educational Games for Computer Students

An online platform that teaches programming through interactive games and challenges.


A puzzle game that introduces players to programming concepts and logic through visual programming language.

Human Resource Machine:

A game that teaches coding logic and sequencing by guiding a robot through puzzles using commands.


A challenging puzzle game that teaches assembly programming through solving tasks on a virtual computer.


A game that teaches problem-solving, algorithms, and logic through designing and optimizing chemical processes.


A narrative-driven game that introduces scripting and programming concepts to solve in-game challenges.

Quadrilateral Cowboy:

A puzzle game that teaches programming logic and problem-solving through manipulating robotic arms.


An immersive hacking simulation game that introduces networking and cybersecurity concepts.


A sandbox puzzle game that teaches manufacturing, engineering, and problem-solving using assembly lines.


A game that teaches assembly programming and problem-solving through solving puzzles and hacking challenges.


These educational games offer a fun and engaging way for computer science students to reinforce their learning while honing their coding, logic, and problem-solving skills.

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