10 Hardest Colleges to get into around the world 

Oxford, as one of the oldest and most prominent universities, is very competitive and seeks students who have excelled academically.

University of Oxford, UK 

Harvard continually ranks among the most exclusive colleges in the world due to its low acceptance rate and strict academic requirements.

Harvard University, USA 

Stanford's reputation as a highly competitive college is largely attributed to its location in Silicon Valley, superb professors, and stringent admissions procedure.

Stanford University, USA 

Yale is hard to get into because it has strong grades, a wide range of programs, and a selective admissions process.

Yale University, USA 

Cambridge, like Oxford, establishes high standards for academic excellence and attracts some of the world's brightest minds.

University of Cambridge, UK 

The University of Tokyo is a highly selective and competitive institution due to its status as a prestigious institution in Asia.

University of Tokyo, Japan 

Princeton's commitment to undergraduate teaching and research excellence results in intense competition for admission.

Princeton University, USA 

The University of Chicago is constantly ranked as one of the best schools in the world because of its rigorous academic programs and unique way of teaching.

University of Chicago, USA 

Columbia's location in New York City and its reputation for academic excellence contribute to its competitiveness.

Columbia University, USA 

Imperial College, a top institution for science, engineering, medicine, and business, is very competitive because of its research and academic standing.

Imperial College London, UK 

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