12 Best Tips To Score More Than 90% In CBSE Board Exam 

Effective Time Management 

Make a study plan that gives you enough time to focus on each subject. Consider your talents and limitations while deciding which subjects to prioritize. Instead of cramming at the last minute, try to study regularly and intently.

Understand the Syllabus 

Understand the full course syllabus clearly. Divide the syllabus for each subject into subjects and subtopics. You can better organize your study schedule as a result.

Set Clear Goals 

Set clear goals for each time you study. Try to finish a set number of topics or parts in a set amount of time. Getting these smaller goals done will make you feel better about yourself.

Quality Study Material 

Utilize the study aids and texts that are advised. While you're learning, take brief notes to help with subsequent revision.

Practice Regularly 

Solve previous year's question papers and sample papers. This will help you comprehend the exam pattern, question kinds, and time management abilities.

Mock Tests 

Take full-length practice tests in the same way as the real test. This will help you evaluate your success, plan your time well, and figure out where you need more work.

Healthy Lifestyle 

Keep a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and work out often. For top success, you need a healthy body and mind.

Revision Strategy 

Review and revise what you've learned on a regular basis. Revision helps to strengthen your memory and comprehension of the topics.

Clarify Doubts 

Don't hesitate to ask your teachers or peers for help if you have doubts. Clearing doubts as they arise will prevent confusion later.

Stay Positive 

Maintain a positive attitude and believe in your abilities. Avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. Stay motivated by reminding yourself of your goals and the rewards of your hard work.

Manage Exam Anxiety 

Learn how to calm down to deal with test nervousness. You can stay calm during the test by taking deep breaths, meditating, and visualizing.

Time Management in Exam 

Practice solving questions within the time limit to improve your speed and accuracy. Time management is crucial during the actual exam.

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