5 Best Linux Distributions for Programmers


Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is built on Debian. It is known for its easy-to-use interface and a large number of software packages. It is very popular among people who are new to Linux and want an operating system that is safe and easy to use. Ubuntu also puts a lot of thought into security and comes with tools for managing the system.


Manjaro is an easy-to-use Linux system based on Arch Linux. It has a modern and easy design and comes with a variety of programming software packages.


CentOS is a version of Linux that is backed by the community. It is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is known for being stable and reliable, so servers and other important tools often use it. CentOS is especially popular with corporate users who need a reliable operating system for their business-critical applications and also for programmers.


Gentoo is a Linux distribution that is highly customizable and intended for expert users. It provides a high level of control and customization, making it an excellent option for developers who wish to adapt a system to their specific requirements.

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