8 Best B.Sc Program in Bangalore for 2024

Christ University

Christ University, known for its academic brilliance, offers complete B.Sc. programs.

St. Joseph's College 

St. Joseph's College, is one of Bangalore's oldest and most prestigious B.Sc. colleges,

Kristu Jayanti College 

Kristu Jayanti College, known for its emphasis on holistic development, offers B.Sc degrees with a focus on practical learning and research.

Jain University

Jain University is recognized for its modern facilities and a variety of B.Sc degrees that offer a variety of academic interests.

Bangalore University 

This university's campus and affiliated institutions offer B.Sc. programs in several fields for a complete education.

Presidency College 

Presidency College offers science and technology B.Sc. programs and is known for its great academic performance.

Mount Carmel College 

Mount Carmel College is a well-established college that offers superior education in several fields, including B.Sc. 

Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College 

This college is based on women's education and offered high-quality B.Sc. degrees.

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