8 toughest subject in computer science

Algorithms and Data Structures 

Students often struggle to understand complex algorithms, analyze their time and space complexity, and design efficient data structures.

Operating Systems 

Understanding how operating systems handle processes, memory, file systems, and concurrency is difficult.

Computer Networks 

Learning network protocols, routing algorithms, and computer network design and management can be difficult for many students


Compiler development requires knowledge of formal grammar and implementation specifics, making it difficult.


The necessity for precision and attention to detail makes learning cryptographic protocols, algorithms, and encryption math difficult.

Software Engineering 

Practicality makes managing large software projects, comprehending software architecture, and implementing software development best practices difficult.


Database optimization, design, and understanding, as well as dealing with problems pertaining to database management systems, can be complicated.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

These subjects are exciting, but they need complex arithmetic and a solid grasp of algorithms and statistical models.

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