9 Best Artificial Intelligence courses for 12th passout students

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence 

Many universities currently offer Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs in AI and Data Science. These courses are intended to provide a solid foundation in AI technologies.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science  

A popular way to get into AI is to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a specialized AI program. Look for colleges or universities that have classes that focus on AI.

B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence 

There are a number of universities and colleges that offer undergraduate programs that focus mainly on AI. These programs provide students with a strong foundation in the discipline.

Diploma in AI and Machine Learning 

Some institutions and online platforms offer AI and Machine Learning diploma programs. These degrees are shorter than bachelor's degrees and can serve as a decent entry point.

AI and ML Certifications 

Many universities and online platforms provide AI and machine learning certification programs, including Google's TensorFlow Developer Certificate, IBM's AI Engineering Professional Certificate on Coursera, and Microsoft's Azure AI Engineer Associate certification.

AI Research Internships 

Find internships or volunteer roles with artificial intelligence (AI) research groups at academic institutions. Gaining practical experience and professional contacts in the field is possible through these opportunities.

Online Learning Platforms 

AI classes and tutorials are available on platforms like as Udemy, Khan Academy, and Kaggle. While these are not formal degrees, they can assist you in developing practical AI abilities.

Join AI Clubs and Communities 

Consider joining AI-related organizations or communities at your university or in your neighborhood. These organizations frequently host AI-focused seminars, hackathons, and study groups.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

NLP is a specialized area within AI. Courses such as "Natural Language Processing" on Coursera can be valuable. 

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