9 Best courses to do after 12th to get a job in ISRO  

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering 

Aerospace engineering is closely related to aircraft and spacecraft design and development. This degree prepares students for careers in space technology.

B.Sc in Physics or Mathematics 

Many technical professions at ISRO require a solid background in physics or mathematics. A B.Sc in these topics can provide a strong foundation.

B.Sc in Computer Science 

A B.Sc in Computer Science can open doors to a job related to software development and programming at ISRO given the increasing reliance on software in space missions.

B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering 

This field is absolutely necessary for the research and development of communication technologies that can be used with satellites. ISRO frequently seeks experts who are knowledgeable in the fields of electronics and communication.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 

A B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is very similar to a B.Sc in Computer Science, however it offers a more in-depth education with an emphasis on real-world applications.

B.Sc in Physical Sciences 

If you're still trying to figure out what exactly you want to do at ISRO, a broad education in the physical sciences can be an excellent starting point.

B.E in Mechanical Engineering 

Structures and components of spacecraft are designed and developed by mechanical engineers. This degree may be useful for positions in spacecraft design and manufacture.

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 

Satellites and other spacecraft rely heavily on the expertise of electrical engineers for the development and implementation of their electrical systems.

B.Tech in Civil Engineering 

Civil engineers may be involved in the design and construction of launch facilities and other infrastructure related to space missions.

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