9 best linux distro for software developer 

Ubuntu is one of the most widely used Linux distributions, It is known for its usability and vast software repository. It's a wise option for both beginner and experienced programmers.


Debian is a stable operating system with a large software repository. It is an excellent option for developers who value a conservative release cycle.


Manjaro is a Linux distribution that is built on Arch. It aims to be easier to use while still taking advantage of Arch's flexibility and package availability.


Elementary OS is a wonderful option if you want a distribution with a simple and stylish user interface. It takes inspiration from Ubuntu and aims for minimalism and beauty in its design.

Elementary OS 

If you work in cybersecurity or ethical hacking, you may find Kali Linux useful because it was developed with the express purpose of performing penetration testing and security assessment.

Kali Linux 

Linux Mint is a user-friendly distribution based on Ubuntu. If you desire a dependable and user-friendly development environment, this is an excellent option.

Linux Mint 

openSUSE is known for its stability and flexibility. It offers two main editions: Leap (for stability) and Tumbleweed (rolling release for the latest updates).


Arch Linux is a distribution that has rolling releases and may be customized from the ground up. Advanced Linux users that value flexibility in their operating system often choose for this distribution.

Arch Linux 

Fedora is well-known for its cutting-edge software packages and features. It's an excellent choice for developers who wish to work with cutting-edge tools and technology.


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