9 Best Programming languages for Cloud computing Engineer to learn

Python is a widely used programming language for cloud engineering jobs. It has a large number of libraries and SDKs for interfacing with cloud services, making it useful for activities such as resource provisioning, automation, and scripting.


Node.js is widely used in the context of AWS Lambda functions and serverless computing to construct serverless apps and develop bespoke scripts for interacting with cloud services.


On cloud platforms, Java is frequently used to develop enterprise-level applications. Numerous cloud services offer Java SDKs for application development and integration.


Go is well-known for its efficiency and is gaining popularity in cloud engineering, particularly for creating microservices and containerized apps. Go is used to write Kubernetes, a major component of cloud-native systems.

Go (Golang) 

SQL (Structured Query Language) is essential for working with databases in the cloud, whether you're using traditional databases like PostgreSQL or cloud-native databases like Amazon RDS or Azure SQL Database.


Scala is used to create scalable and high-performance applications, and it is frequently utilized in cloud computing environments when working with big data technologies like Apache Spark.


When working with serverless frameworks like AWS Lambda or performing scripting tasks, cloud engineers commonly use Ruby.


The Microsoft Azure ecosystem mainly uses C. It is frequently used when creating programs and services that run on cloud servers using Windows operating systems.

Shell scripting languages such as Bash are crucial when it comes to the automation of processes, the management of cloud resources, and the creation of deployment scripts.

Shell scripting 

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