9 Best software Engineering programming languages TO LEARN 

Java is a versatile programming language that is used to create Android apps, web applications (using Spring or Java EE), and enterprise-level software. It is well-known for its platform independence and fast typing.


Swift is Apple's official programming language for creating apps for iOS and macOS. Learning Swift is a must if you want to write apps for Apple devices.


Ruby is appreciated for its simplicity and productivity. It's often used for web development with the Ruby on Rails framework.


Python is widely used in many areas of software engineering, including web development (Django, Flask), data science, artificial intelligence, and scripting. It is a versatile choice due to its simple and accessible syntax, vast libraries, and active community.


JavaScript is essential for front-end web development and is often used with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js. It's also used on the server-side (Node.js) and for building mobile apps (React Native).


Rust is becoming more popular for system-level writing because it focuses on safety and speed. It's good for projects that need low-level control of memory without giving up safety.


Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android app development and is gaining popularity for its conciseness and safety features.


Go is known for being easy to use, fast, and having good support for writing in parallel. It's a good choice for making systems that can grow and work well.

Go (Golang) 

SQL (Structured Query Language) is vital for working with relational databases. It's essential for software engineers involved in database design and management.


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