9 Most popular linux distros used by the hackers

Kali Linux 

The most popular and well-known distribution for vulnerability testing and ethical hacking is Kali Linux. It comes with a large number of security tools and is kept up to date by Offensive Security, the leader in hacking training and certifications.

Parrot Security  OS 

Parrot Security OS is a Debian-based security, penetration testing, and digital forensics distribution. It focuses on privacy and contains offensive and defensive security measures.


BackBox Linux is a distribution built on the Ubuntu operating system with a focus on network research, penetration testing, and ethical hacking. It offers a variety of security measures and a user-friendly interface.

BlackArch Linux 

BlackArch is a Linux system based on Arch that specializes on penetration testing and ethical hacking. It has a big repository of security tools and is popular among advanced users.

Pentoo Linux 

Pentoo is a Linux distribution built on Gentoo that is made for security testing and penetration testing. It has a number of tools for security testing and is known for how fast and well it works.


ArchStrike is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that focuses on security and penetration testing. It offers a carefully curated selection of security tools and is favored by advanced users.


Ethical hackers and penetration testers would appreciate NodeZero Linux, also known as NodeZero Security Linux. It is based on Ubuntu and integrates a wide variety of security testing tools with a user-friendly interface.

Security Onion 

Security Onion is a network security monitoring (NSM) and intrusion detection system. It comes with a collection of open-source security monitoring and threat-hunting tools.

DEFT Linux 

A Linux distribution called Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit (DEFT) is made for cyber investigations, incident response, and digital forensics. It contains many forensic utilities and tools.

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