9 most popular SQL editor in the market

MySQL Workbench 

The official graphical user interface for MySQL is called MySQL Workbench. Users can generate, administer, design, and model databases visually with it.


DBeaver, a free, open-source database tool, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, and others. It has a simple UI and many functions.

Toad for Oracle 

Oracle developers and administrators use Toad for Oracle. Its database building, administration, and performance optimisation features are extensive.

Oracle SQL Developer 

Oracle SQL Developer is an IDE for Oracle databases. SQL development, database administration, and data modelling are supported.


PgAdmin is a powerful, open-source PostgreSQL administration and development tool. The web-based interface manages PostgreSQL databases.


HeidiSQL is a lightweight, open-source MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server client. Its database management interface is straightforward.

Squirrel SQL 

Squirrel SQL is a cross-platform, open-source SQL client that uses JDBC drivers to handle a variety of databases


RazorSQL provides SQL editing and querying for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Oracle. It has powerful SQL debugging and data modelling.


SQLyog is a popular MySQL and MariaDB GUI database management and development tool. It has several database administrator and developer functions.

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