9  Programming Languages is required for Ethical Hacking


One of the most used programming languages by ethical hackers is Python. It contains a large selection of libraries and frameworks that may be used for activities like network scanning, penetration testing, and creating customized scripts for other security jobs.


Java is used in various enterprise-level applications and understanding its security implications can be valuable for ethical hackers. 

C and C++ 

A lot of low-level software and security tools are written in these languages. Knowing these languages can help you find security holes, do reverse engineering, and figure out how to change memory.


Knowledge of JavaScript can be beneficial for web application security testing, particularly for identifying and exploiting client-side scripting vulnerabilities.


Perl is known for its text processing capabilities and can be used for various scripting tasks in ethical hacking. 


SQL (Structured Query Language) is required for database testing and identifying vulnerabilities resulting from improper database queries and data manipulation.


Ruby is a valuable programming language for online application security testing and scripting, together with the well-known Ruby on Rails framework.


Knowledge of PHP is beneficial for identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in PHP-based backend language web applications.

Assembly Language 

While assembly language is not as widely used as higher-level languages, it can be useful for reverse engineering and studying low-level vulnerabilities.

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