Components  of  Computer  System

Components of Computer System

There are mainly three components of computer are there: 1. INPUT DEVICES 2. CPU(central processing unit)     -CU(Control unit)     -ARITHMETIC & LOGIC       UNIT     -Memory unit 3. OUTPUT DEVICES


Input device is a hardware equipment which is used to provide data and control signals to the information processing system is known as "Input Device" Examples of input devices are keyboard, mouse, joystick, microphone, Sound card/Sound chip etc. 


The central processing unit(CPU) is the main processor of the computer  that carries out the instructions of a computer program. It performs the  basic arithmetical logical, and input/output operations of a computer  system and it is also known as the brain of the computer.

In CPU’s, There are three components: 

– CU(Control unit) – ARITHMETIC & LOGIC UNIT – Memory unit

CU (Control Unit) 

A control unit is the component of the CPU(central processing unit). It determines the sequence in which the computer programs and  instructions are executed. It integrates the operations of the computer  and retrieves instructions from the main memory. It is  known as "Control Unit"

ALU(Arithmetic and logic unit) 

The arithmetic and logic unit is the part of the CPU(central processing  unit). Its performs arithmetic and logical operations on data. An ALU  can be designed by engineers to calculate many different operations like  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shifting, etc 


A memory unit is also a part of the CPU(central processing unit) and it  is an important part of a computer system where all the data are stored  in the form of a Binary Digit (0&1)  


Output devices are those devices where they receive all the information  from the computer and carry out the data that has been processed by the  computer to the user. It is known as "Output device" Eamples of output devices are Speakers, Headphones, Screen (Monitor), Printer, Braille embosser, Projector, television etc.