What is Computer System?

 What is Computer System ?

computer system is a combination of hardware and software devices that help computers to receive data or information by communicating with each other. 

It is a set of integrated devices that accept data (input), Then process it and finally give us a result (output) This is known as the ”Computer System”

Four Basic Work of Computer System:

The computer system work with the help of the main four basic work ‘INPUT’, ‘OUTPUT’, ‘STORAGE’, and ‘PROCESSING’. These four words define the meaning of Computer systems. It includes a CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc, and many other components, etc.


It is used to display the information on a screen


It is used for type some letters which can be inputed on a screen "Display"/Monitor.


It is a pointing device which is used for pointing something via cursor and click any application to open is known as Mouse.


In the Cabinet Conatins some important components like motherboard, CPU etc and many other thing is known as Cabinet.