Google will expand its monitoring tool for Dark Web to all Gmail users

Google has declared that they will start monitoring the Dark Web for all Gmail users in the US before expanding to other countries.

Now, Gmail users can do scans to determine if their Gmail address is listed on the Dark Web or not and get advice on what to do to be safe.

Before, only Google One subscribers in the US could use the Dark Web scan tool. In the next few weeks, all Gmail users will be able to use it.

Jen Fitzpatrick, vice president of Google's core services, said the company protects Gmail users from approximately 15 billion undesirable messages per day by blocking more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, and malware.

“Google Said, we’re further expanding spam protections in Google Drive by introducing a new view that makes it easier to separate and review your files, decide what you might view as spam, and stay safe from potential unwanted or abusive content," he announced.

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