how computer is an useful device

how computer is an useful device

computer play a vital role in our every field of life. It is useful in many ways like in: – HOSPITAL – SCHOOL – INDUSTRY – BANK – BUSINESS – For OFFICE WORK – For entertainment – SPORTS

how computer Useful in Hospitals

Computer plays a very important role in the medical and health sector. In hospitals computer were mainly used for maintaing all the records of the patients and also used in the cash counting to manage all the inflow and ourflow of cash

how computer Useful in SCHOOLS

In Schools , computer are used for teach the student for better experience and also used to provide a computer related project to the students so that student can also learn how computer's operate. And, It is also in receptionist for maintaing the records of fees of students and many other things etc

how computer Useful in INdustry

In this sector, computers are used to perform various tasks like it is  used to manage the stocks/inventory, maintaining the cashier, taking  some idea about designing the product, and managers can provide some  information about the product(how to make) to their employees through  video call etc.

how computer Useful in banks

It is impossible to run a bank without a computer because more than half  of the bank’s work is done by the computer itself, such as a computer  is used to maintain the account for the customer’s, maintain the ledger  account, monitoring all the customer transactions so that no transaction  goes wrong, and keeping all the customer details securely, etc. 

how computer Useful in businesses

computers are playing an important role in business. The main objective  of the business is to maintain the balance sheet, ledger, inventories,  budgets, employee database, payroll calculations, etc., and so on.  

how computer Useful in office works

computer is necessary for every office worker like preparing the  documents in (MS Excel, MS Words, etc), writing some letters, Mailing,  scheduling the meeting, connected with Boss and helping other members,  etc. and many other works 

how computer Useful for  ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE

With the help of computers, we can do many things so that we can be  entertained such as watching movies, listening songs, playing video  games, web searching, chatting with friends and also connected with  video calls, etc. and many other things. 

how computer Useful in SPORTS

In sports, it is used to record the statistical data of all players, watching and  storing the video, manging the sheet of no. of players and also used to  ‘track to check the scores’, etc.