How computer work's

How computer work's

In computer, there are some major components which play a vital role of working the process of computer are: 1.INPUT 2.OUTPUT 3.STORAGE 4.PROCESSING 5.ALU (Arithmetic and logical unit) 6.CU (Control Unit) 7.CPU(Central Processing Unit) 


Input is the process of entering the data and programs into the computer, In which  the computer is an electronic device where it takes up an input raw  data and perform some process & then gives out an processed data. It is known as "Input".


Output is the process of producing the results from the data for getting  useful information. Likewise we can use our monitor to see the result which computer shows us the processed result. It is known as "Output"


As the word says "Storage" means place to store something. In computer there is an space where we can store our precious data into it. Which is known as " Storage" In Computer there are two types of storage: 1)Primary Storage 2)Secondary Storage


The task of performing operations like arithmetic and logical operations  called processing. The word processing is performed by the CPU(Central  Processing Unit) 


An ALU is an "Arithmetic and Logical Unit", It is an combinational digit circuit that performs arithmetic and  logic operations. It is a vital component of the CPU(central processing  unit), Which carries the actual execution of the program and  instructions.


A CU is an "Control Unit" which is used to determines the sequences in computer programs and instruction  which are being executed & it directs the operation of the other units by providing  timing and control signals. 


A CPU is an "Central Processing unit" which mainly for the brain of computer system. In the working process of computer says that it is a combination ALU and the CU of a computer system are jointly known as the “Central Processing unit”