Types of  computer os

Types of  computer os

There are common three types of operating systems are: – Windows Operating System – Macintosh Operating system – Unix/Linux operating system

windows operating system

Windows Operating System is a Graphical User Interface GUI-based operating system. This OS was developed by Microsoft and this is the most popular operating system all over the world.  Windows OS is a user-friendly operating system that allows the user to  do all the things that other operating systems do not provide. 

macintosh operating system

Macintosh OS is also a GUI-based Operating System, Which is introduced by Apple Inc. (an American Computer Company) in 1984.  This Operating System is built with UNIX related system and It is  designed to use for Personal use like we can use it for browsing,  watching movies, communicating with friends etc. and much more.

linux  operating system

Linux Operating system is an Open source software. It is a UNIX-like  Operating system that is based on “Linux Kernal”. As it is open-source  software it means we can use it for free and it is freely available.  This Operating System is designed to run on hardware from phones to  high-level computers