types of operating system

types of  operating system

– Batch Operating System – Multiprogrammed Operating System – Multitasking/Time-Sharing Operating System – Multi-Processing  – Real-Time Operating System – Distributed Operating System – Network Operating System – Embedded Operating System – Mobile Operating System

batch operating system

The batch operating system are those operating systems in which the user  does not interact with the computer directly. To communicate with this  operating system then each n every user needs to prepare their  jobs/batches on an offline device e.g Punch cards, Paper tape, magnetic tapes, etc. This is basically known as "Batch Operating System"

Multi-Programmed operating system

Multi-Programmed Operating systems are those operating systems where  multiple programs are loaded in the main memory for execution. Then the  CPU is capable for executes one program and the other program waits  until the first program is executed. It is known as "Multi-Programmed OS"

Multitasking/ Time-Sharing operating system

Multitasking/Time-Sharing Operating System is the extension of a  multi-programmed operating system. This type of operating system, allows  the multi-user to share the computer at the same period of time. It is known as "Multitasking/Time-Sharing OS"

Multi-Processing operating system

In the multi-processing operating system, there have multiple CPUs for  the execution. If it has multiple CPUs it means that it can be executing  all the programs at the same time. This is known as “Multiple Processing Operating System” 

Real-Time  operating system

The real-time operating system is an operating system where it defined  as a data processing system. In this operating system, the time interval  is required to process and respond to inputs is very small. It is a  quick and fast response system. In a Real-time OS There are two types: A) Soft-Real Time Operating System  B) Hard-Real Time Operating system 

Distributed  operating system

In the Distributed Operating System, there have various systems in which  all systems are interconnected and communicate with each other.  This type of operating system comes with the advancement of technology  in the computer sector because it is widely used all over the world. It  also saves all the data of a computer 

Network operating system

Network Operating systems is a operating system which runs on the  main server and is connected with the client to provide a network that helps the computer to communicate with each other. This type of OS is known as " Network OS"

Embedded operating system

Embedded Operating System is an operating system that is designed for a  specific task or purpose which increases the reliability of achieving  the specific task. It is known as "Embedded OS"

Mobile operating system

Mobile Operating systems is a operating system that are widely used in smartphone, tablet, SmartWatch, Android TV etc. and much more. This operating system helps the mobile to run applications software in a smart device.  some popular Mobile Operating systems are: Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, Harmony OS, Palm OS, etc.