Top 10 Best entry level IT Job for computer science students

Software Developer/Engineer 

Coding, testing, and debugging software programs are the main tasks of entry-level software developers. This position is in high demand and has promising career opportunities. Beginning as junior developers, students can learn vital skills.


Web Developer 

Websites and web applications are created and maintained by web developers. They deal with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a variety of web development frameworks.


Database Administrator (DBA) 

Database administrators administer and maintain databases to ensure data security and optimal performance. In some entry-level positions, database monitoring and basic administrative duties may be required.


IT Support Specialist 

IT support specialists provide technical assistance to users by diagnosing and resolving hardware and software issues. It is an excellent way to acquire IT experience.


Network Administrator 

Network administrators manage the security and efficiency of an organization's computer networks. Basic network configuration and troubleshooting may be required in entry-level positions.


Cybersecurity Analyst 

Entry-level roles as cybersecurity analysts are in demand due to the growing relevance of cybersecurity. These experts aid in defending a company's digital assets against online dangers.


DevOps Engineer 

DevOps engineers work to improve how development and IT processes work together. As a beginner, you might be asked to organize processes and manage release pipelines.


Business Analyst (IT) 

IT business analysts serve as translators between developers and executives. They help projects by defining and documenting IT needs.


Mobile App Developer 

Mobile app developers create applications for smartphones and tablets. Entry-level developers often start by working on smaller projects or assisting in app development. 


UI/UX Designer 

UI/UX designers focus on making software and web app designs that are easy to use and look good. In some entry-level jobs, you might help with design work.


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