top 10 hardest degrees to earn in the world

Nuclear Engineering 

This field involves nuclear reactions, radiation, and complex systems, necessitating an in-depth knowledge of physics and engineering.


Neuroscience combines biology, psychology, and chemistry to study the complexities of the brain and nervous system.

Aerospace Engineering 

Aerospace engineers use advanced physics and engineering principles to make complicated plans and calculations for planes and spaceships.

Chemical Engineering 

The study of chemical processes, thermodynamics, and complex reactions is highly demanding.

Biomedical Engineering

In order to build medical devices and technology, this interdisciplinary profession merges biology and engineering, requiring a solid understanding of both disciplines.


Legal studies involve extensive reading, critical analysis, and memorization of complex legislation and case law.

Computer Science 

This field is a mix of advanced programming, algorithm design, and theoretical ideas. You need a good background in math and logic to work in this field.


The fields of chemistry, biology, and medicine all come together in the study of pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, and patient care.


Programs in architecture demand a high level of technical proficiency, design talent, and structural engineering knowledge.


Mathematics is a difficult subject to study since it requires abstract reasoning, advanced calculus, and difficult proofs.

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