Top 13 Must have soft skills to Add in your resume 

Communication Skills

The capacity to communicate effectively orally and in writing. This includes active listening, presentation skills, and the ability to adapt one's communication manner to a variety of audiences.

Networking Skills

It can be advantageous to include if you are proficient at establishing and maintaining professional relationships, particularly across industries or roles.

Teamwork and Collaboration 

Show that you can work well with others by cooperating, actively participating, and making a good contribution to the way the group works.

Problem-Solving Skills

Showcase your analytical skills and aptitude to tackle problems with a solution-focused perspective. Employers value those who think critically and make informed decisions.

Leadership Skills

Even if you're not applying for a leadership role, highlighting leadership skills such as the ability to take initiative, guide others, and lead by example can be valuable. 


Highlight instances where you've brought innovative ideas to projects or problem-solving scenarios.

Negotiation Skills

If applicable, mention your ability to negotiate and come to agreements that are advantageous to all parties.

Conflict Resolution 

It's very important to show that you can handle disagreements and problems in a professional and helpful way.

Time Management 

Demonstrate your ability to prioritize projects, fulfill deadlines, and manage your workload successfully. This ability is critical in showcasing your organizing skills.

Conflict Management 

Showcase how you've managed conflicts to achieve positive outcomes, whether it's among team members or stakeholders.

Attention to Detail 

People who pay attention to details and do good work are valued by employers. Show examples of times when your attention to detail has helped things go well.

Cultural Sensitivity 

In a diverse world, the ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from various origins is highly valued.

Emotional Intelligence 

Focus on understanding and managing your own and others' emotions. It comprises empathy, interpersonal skills, and dispute resolution.

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