Top 5 Best dark web movies you can watch in 2024

no.1  Silk Road 

The Silk Road, described as the Amazon of illegal drugs, appeared on the Dark Web in 2011. When a 20-year old girl meets the charismatic boy living across the  street, it starts her on the road to becoming a successful drug dealer  on Silk Road. Along the way she gets caught up in a dangerous  cat-and-mouse game played by police, criminals, and her own boyfriend. 

no.2 Unfriended: Dark Web

a young man goes online to play a game with five of his good friends. He  shows them a mysterious folder that plays disturbing videos of people  who appear to be in danger. They then receive an anonymous message that  tells them they will all die if they disconnect or call the police. The  planned night of fun quickly turns deadly as each user becomes the  target of something sinister while the others watch helplessly in  terror.                  

no.3 Megan Is Missing

Megan is Missing begins with a simple video caption on black screen  declaring that the movie is based on actual events from actual  missing-children cases. (It should be noted, however, that the movie  itself and all scenes there in, are fictitious and performed by the  actors.) 

no.4 The Den 

While studying the habits of web cam chat users from the apparent safety of her own home, a young woman's life begins to spiral out of control after witnessing a grisly murder online. 

no.5 Ratter 

A young graduate student is tormented by a stalker who hacks into her electronic devices and monitors her every move. 

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