Top 5 risks and threats associated with AI

1) Loss of Human Jobs

Becuase of the artificial intellignece, researchers says The time is not far when artificial intelligence will take away most of our jobs.

2) terrorism caused by AI

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make a significant contribution to terrorists in carrying out their crimes. Drone is the best example of AI where terrorists use it for surveillance and other purposes

3) Cybersecurity Risk

AI has ability to read and learn all our data from database and also able to create some AI images of humans and voices which is very dangerous.

4)  Reputational Risk

Organizations suffer irreparable reputation damage when AI systems break social norms and values.

5)  Operational Risk

Sometimes AI doesn't work as per our expectation, recently an employee of a company used ChatGPT to offload his work load. But chatgupt gave him some error.

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