Top 6 Computer science project for beginners in 2024

Create a simple calculator app in Python, Beginners studying Python would find this project ideal because it gives them hands-on experience in creating a basic user interface.

Basic Calculator 

Create a real-time chat app using Node.js, Express.js, and This project teaches server-side and real-time development.

Basic Chat Application 

Create a weather application that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to communicate with an API. Get data from a weather API and show current conditions and forecasts.

Weather Application

Built an console-based "Guess the Number" game in Python, in which the computer generates a random number and the player tries to predict it. 

Guess the Number Game 

Create a simple to-do list app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or React. This project showcases your front-end development talents and ability to design user-friendly interfaces.

To-Do List Application 

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a website resume that shows off your skills, projects, and accomplishments. 

Personal Portfolio Website 

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