Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Courses for 2024

Google AI Certification 

Google provides several certifications in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the TensorFlow Developer and Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer

AWS Certified Machine Learning 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you this certification to show that you know how to use machine learning on the AWS platform.


CAIP(Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional), offered by the Global Tech Council, covers many AI topics for beginners and experts.

Deep Learning Specialization (Coursera) 

Deep learning and neural networks are the topics that will be covered in this specialization, which is taught by Andrew Ng. 

Artificial Intelligence for Everyone (Coursera) 

Another Andrew Ng course, this one is for non-technical people who want to understand the impact of AI on their industries.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer (Simplilearn)

This program provides a complete overview of AI and machine learning ideas, tools, and methodologies.

Azure AI Engineer Associate 

This certification focuses on the development and deployment of artificial intelligence applications on the Microsoft Azure platform.

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