Top 7 computer science colleges in Bangalore 2023

Christ University

Christ University in Bangalore is a very well-known campus that is known for its high-quality education and many different programs. It provides BSc degrees in a variety of disciplines, giving students a solid foundation in the fields they choose.

BSc Fee : ₹ 95,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 20,00,000  (Highest Package)


St. Joseph's College (SJC) in Bangalore is known for its long-standing history and academic excellence. SJC offers a range of undergraduate programs, including BSc courses.

BSc Fee : ₹ 70,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 14,56,000  (Highest Package)

Surana College 

Surana College, Bangalore is a well-established institution offering a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including BSc courses. Surana college has a well-equipped laboratories and libraries and a conducive learning environment for students 

BSc Fee : ₹ 23,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 7,50,000  (Highest Package)


Kristu Jayanti College (KJC) in Bangalore is a renowned institution known for its BSc programs. It has a well-qualified faculty, modern infrastructure, and well-equipped laboratories to facilitate practical learning.  

BSc Fee : ₹ 60,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 6,50,000  (Highest Package)


Jyoti Nivas College (JNC) is a prestigious educational institution known for its academic excellence. It is a prestigious educational institution known for its academic excellence.  

BSc Fee : ₹ 30,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 5,70,000  (Highest Package)

Jain University

Jain University is a prestigious private institution offering a variety of BSc programs. This university holds a strong reputation and has received an "A" grade accreditation from NAAC. 

BSc Fee : ₹ 1,25,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 32,00,000  (Highest Package)

RV University 

RV University offers a range of BSc programs in fields such as Computer Science, Data Science, Electronics, Biotechnology, and more. 

BSc Fee : ₹ 1,65,000  (1 Yr Fee) 

Placement : ₹ 22,00,000  (Highest Package)

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