Top 7 Languages required to make mobile Apps

Swift is the main language for making iOS apps. It was made by Apple. It is the best language for making apps that run on Apple devices


The best language for making Android apps is Kotlin, which has short terminologies, better security, and can work with Java


Even though Swift has greatly reduced the need for Objective-C, some older iOS apps may still use it. Maintaining legacy code may necessitate familiarity with Objective-C.


Java has been used for Android for a long time and is still useful. Java is still used by a lot of Android apps and tools, even though Kotlin is becoming more popular.


JavaScript and TypeScript are used in cross-platform app development with frameworks such as React Native and Flutter.


For cross-platform app development, Flutter uses Dart. Dart lets developers build expressive iOS and Android UIs with its reactive UI and great performance.

Dart (with Flutter) 

C is used with the Xamarin technology to make apps that work on multiple platforms. It's a flexible choice because Xamarin lets programmers to write code in C and share it across iOS and Android.

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