Top 8 Artificial Intelligence tools to Boost Productivity


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistance. It analyzes language, punctuation, and style beyond spell-check. 

Google Workspace 

Google Workspace, delivers AI-powered productivity tools. Intelligent suggestions in Google Docs, Smart Compose in Gmail, and AI-powered search improve suite-wide cooperation and efficiency.


CAlendly uses AI algorithms to schedule meetings and appointments based on user availability


Notion uses AI for database structure, content suggestion, and task management in collaboration and documentation

Microsoft Power Automate 

Microsoft Power Automate connects with many apps. It uses AI for data extraction, sentiment analysis, and document processing to construct intelligent automation workflow employs AI for real-time transcription, keyword recognition, and summarization


Zapier integrates apps to create workflows automatically. It automates repetitive activities to enable data transfer between apps using AI.


Trello boosts productivity with AI connections. Users can automate, remind, and enhance project workflows with plugins and extensions

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