top 8 foreign Universities for computer science in 2023

Stanford University, USA 

Stanford University is not only one of the best research universities in the United States but in the entire globe. It has a high proportion of international students, with 36% of students arriving from outside the United States.

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 82,000 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

University of Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge is one of the world's most prestigious universities, with over 700 student organisations.

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 57,000 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

University of Oxford, UK

University of OXFORD is also one of the world's most prestigious universities where more than 40% students are comes from the 137 countries.

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 63,500 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

MIT, Usa

If you want to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the place to go. 

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 61,800 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

University of California, USA

University of California is one of the most prestigious universities college for Computer science student in USA

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 54,800 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

Harvard University, USA

Harvard University is the dream university for students who want to study in USA. It is one of the best university for all time in computer engineering field.

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 52,400 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

Princeton University, USA

Princeton University is famous university for research faculty. It is also a very good college for the computer science related courses.

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 62,870 USD (4 to 5 year fee) 

University of Toronto, Canada

University of Toronto is also the good college for computer engineering located in north america

FEE for BE/BTECH is : 56,490 CAD (4 to 5 year fee) 

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