Top 8 Programming language to put on your resume


Python is widely used for web development, data analysis, machine learning, AI, and other purposes. It is a flexible language that is in high demand across a wide range of businesses. You must include this in your resume


JavaScript is a requirement for the creation of websites. React, Angular or Vue are a few front-end development frameworks to consider.Js are beneficial additions.


Java is a popular language for building enterprise-level applications, Android app development, and large-scale systems. 


C is a widely used programming language that is often utilized for the development of Windows apps, games with Unity, and enterprise software on the Microsoft stack.


Kotlin is an excellent choice for Android app development. It's designed to be more concise and safer than Java. 


Ruby is a widely used language for the building of websites, especially when used with the Ruby on Rails framework. It is well known for having a syntax that is attractive to developers.


SQL (Structured Query Language), while not a standard programming language, is necessary for working with databases. SQL knowledge is useful for data-related occupations.


PHP is commonly used for web development, especially for building dynamic websites and web applications. 

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