Top 9 Highest-paying Artificial Intelligence jobs to persue

Engineers in machine learning design and implement models, algorithms, and systems for machine learning. They develop software solutions capable of analyzing and making predictions based on massive datasets.

Machine Learning Engineer 

AI research scientists focus on advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence. They work on cutting-edge research projects, publish papers, and often hold advanced degrees in AI-related fields. 

AI Research Scientist 

Data scientists collect, clean, and examine at data to find useful patterns and insights. They are good at programming, figures, and putting numbers on a screen. Data scientists are in high demand in many fields and usually make a lot of money.

Data Scientist 

AI product managers manage AI-powered product and solution development and deployment. They combine technical teams and business stakeholders to ensure AI projects meet strategic goals. Professional AI product managers earn huge pay.

AI Product Manager 

AI ethicists play a crucial role in assuring the development and deployment of ethical AI, considering the growing focus on ethics in AI. They try to address ethical considerations, biases, and societal impacts of artificial intelligence systems.

AI Ethicist 

Quantum computing is not exactly AI, but it has the ability to change AI by making it easier to solve hard problems. Scientists who study quantum computing work on making quantum programs and technologies.

Quantum Computing Scientist 

AI consultants provide strategic advice to organizations looking to implement AI solutions. They assess business needs, recommend AI strategies, and oversee AI project implementations.

AI Consultant 

Engineers with a focus on deep learning develop sophisticated machine learning models and neural networks. For tasks as varied as picture identification, speech processing, and natural language understanding, they develop and fine-tune deep learning algorithms.

Deep Learning Engineer 

Computer vision engineers are experts at making algorithms and systems that help machines read and understand images and movies. They are very important for things like self-driving cars and medical images.

Computer Vision Engineer 

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