Top 9 Programming Projects to enhance your resume

Make a simple blockchain tool or cryptocurrency tracker. Check into platforms like Ethereum and Solidity (for smart contracts), or use blockchain APIs to connect different systems.

Blockchain-Based Project 

Try to create a basic game with the help of a game engine or framework, such as Unity or Phaser.js.

Game Development 

Build a dashboard for social media that collects information from multiple platforms. Retrieve data using APIs and display it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Social Media Dashboard 

Create a program that monitors the physical activity and health of its users. 

Health and Fitness App 

Develop a voice-controlled assistant using speech recognition and NLP. Get weather updates and send messages using APIs.

Voice Assistant 

Select a sentiment analysis, image classification, or recommendation system machine learning project. Use TensorFlow or PyTorch to demonstrate your machine learning knowledge.

Machine Learning Project 

Make a chat app that works in real time and has tools like private messaging, group chats, and authenticating users.

Chat Application 

Build a personal website to promote your abilities, projects, and resume. Use  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create your own portfolio site.

Portfolio Website 

Create a program that can access weather data from an API in real-time. 

Weather App 

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