Limitations of COMPUTER SYSTEM

Limitations of COMPUTER SYSTEM

-Computer are programmed by Human -Emotionless -NO INTELLIGENCE -NO THINKING -It can not care for itself -RETREIVAL OF MEMORY

Computer are programmed by Human 

Computers are programmed by human beings like An Artificial intelligence  (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in which the  machines are programmed to think like humans and their actions. It only follows that instruction which is programmed by humans.


Computers are emotionless. They do not have any emotions and feelings. A  computer cannot understand what humans are thinking and feeling 


A computer does not carry any tasks on his own and can’t take any  decision on it owns like humans, Computer will only work when humans  gives the instructions or programs.


Computers are not smart in any way and they cannot think themselves.

It can not care for itself 

A computer can not care for itself like a human and they have no sense to do it by own 


Retrieval of memory means it remembered all the information which are  stored in memory. Computers can retrieve data very fast but this  technique is in linear. A normal human being’s mind does not follow this  rule