what is windows OS?

what is windows OS?

It is a GUI-based operating system that is developed and marketed by  Microsoft Corporation.   The main objective of Microsoft company regarding  this operating system is to make it an all-rounder and easy-to-use OS  that has everything So that any normal user who doesn’t have knowledge  about coding can easily use this operating without any issue. 

It comes up with a clean desktop environment that looks minimal and easy  to use. It also comes up with a pre-loaded application like Microsoft  Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft store, some basic  games, and many other applications 

Features of windows OS?

As such there are many features in the windows are : – Desktop – Taskbar – Task Manager – Control Panel – Command Prompt – Recycle Bin – Setting – Registry Editor – Cortana – System Information – Start Menu

All Versions windows OS?

– Windows 1  – Window 2  – Window 386  – Window 286  – Window 3  – Window 3.1  – Windows 95  – Windows 98  – Windows 2000  – Windows XP  – Windows Vista  – Window 7  – Window 8  – And More...

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