What is cpu?

What is cpu

CPU is a "Central Processing Unit" which is the most important part of the computer system. Due to the CPU, the  computer is able to do all the work that we do in our homes every day  using the computer like browsing content, watching movies, playing  games, etc.

It is a processor that helps the computer to executes the data and  instructions for the user.  It processes all the data and instruction which is  received through the software or hardware which is running on the  computer 

There are major types of CPU are there:  – Single Core CPU – Dual Core CPU – Quad Core CPU – Hexa Core CPU – Octa Core CPU – Deca Core CPU

types is cpu

In the market there are two two tough competitors of Processor/CPU are there: 1. INTEL (Integrated Electronics) 2. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)