What is dns?

What is dns?

DNS stands for “Domain Name System” which is used to convert the domain name into its corresponding address, It is known as “DNS”

It is basically like a phonebook where all the phone numbers are  recorded in it, Exactly the same as DNS provides a book where all the  domain’s IP addresses are recorded in it and attached those IPs to its  specific domain like: google.com, amazon.com, computerstudypoint.com 

Who Invent DNS and when?

The concept of DNS was brought by an American computer scientist named “Paul Mockapetris” in 1983

How Does DNS Works?

While surfing a browser to get information from any website like you are  getting information from our site, So when you enter our domain name  into the search bar in the web browser that time you sent the request to  the DNS server, and Now the DNS server takes your request and checks  IP’s address on a DNS record. If the DNS server finds out the record  then it will be sent to your browser so that you can able to access the  website. So that’s the process of “How DNS works”