what is hardware and their types?

what is hardware

Hardware is basically a physical device or can say intangible device  which can we see and touch. It is basically a device that is connected  to the system and accepts data from the user and processes it and after  that provides the output to the user. 

tYpes of hardware

Types of hardware are divided into four categories: – Input Device – Output Device – Processing Device – Storage Device

Input devices

Input devices are those devices that take input from the user example: Keyboards, Mouse, Joy Stick, scanners, Printer,  etc., and others. So these are the devices are there where users used  to provide input to the computer and get results from the output  devices. It is known as an “Input Device” 

output devices

when a user sends input to the computer then it provides the result in  the output devices. There are some output devices are there where we  used in our daily life example: Monitor, Speakers, Printer, projectors, optical mark readers, etc, so, these are the devices which is used to take the output from the computer. It is known as “Output devices”

processing devices

Processing devices are those devices that provide the processing of data  to the computer so that the computer can able to provide the result to  the users. There are some processing devices are CPU, RAM, GPU, MotherBoard, Sound Card, Network Card, etc. These are known as “Processing Devices”

storage devices

In computer systems and in smartphones, storage devices are used for  storing the data in a computer system or in a mobile. Users can store  any items in the storage like files, images, videos, projects,  documents, PDFs, etc. If I talk about computer systems there are two  types of storage HDD and SDD etc and in mobiles: SD Card

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