What is linux os?

What is linux os?

Linux is a UNIX-based “Linux kernel” that is also known for Operating  systems. It is an Open-source software just like a Windows OS and a Macc  OS. The main difference between Linux and the Windows/ Macc OS is that  Linux is freely available 

we can use this OS for free which means that any programmer can make  changes to this OS by doing some codes and makes new distros to make  this OS useful for the commercial as well as for Personal purpose. on  the other hand, the Window and the Macc is a paid OS that means we have  to purchase this OS for use. 

components linux os?

There are mainly three types of components: 1. Kernel 2. System Library 3. System Utility 

features linux os?

-It is an Open Source software:  -It is Secure OS -It also has a GUI interface  -You can do Multi-Tasking  -Portable  -Hierarchical File  System