What is  RAM ?

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What is RAM ?

RAM is a Random Access Memory which is used to read & write the data and store it while it being executed. It is known as “RAM” 

It is the primary memory of the computer system.  RAM is a piece of hardware device that is located inside the  motherboard. The main work of RAM is to execute the program by storing  the data and instructions of that program via read and write and then  when the user called to open the program it will execute. 

Types of RAM?

Two types of RAM are there: – SRAM – DRAM

What is SRAM ?

SRAM stands for “Static Random Access Memory” The term  “static” refers to the fact that the memory keeps data of program and  holds it as long until its receives the power otherwise the data will  lost when the power supply gets down. It is known as “SRAM”

What is DRAM ?

DRAM stands for “Dynamic Random Access Memory” It is also made up memory  cells and it has one capacitors and one transistor. So in the case of  DRAM the capacitors need to be refreshed again and again because the  data can be stored in the DRAM only when it refreshed frequently. It is  known as “DRAM”

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What is RAM and its Types?

What is RAM and its Types?