What is CPU and Explain the types of CPU | 6 Different types of CPU’s

Hello Guys, In this article, we will discuss the Central Processing System (CPU) and how many of their types.


CPU is the most important part of the computer. Due to the CPU, the computer is able to do all the work that we do in our homes every day using the computer like browsing content, watching movies, playing games, etc. All these work can be done only with the help of the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

So let’s see what is a CPU and why it is an important part of a computer. Let’s get started…

What is CPU?

CPU or Central Processing Unit is a processor which helps the computer to executes the data and instructions for the user. It processes all the data and instruction is received through the software or hardware which is running on the computer. The CPU contains the circulatory which is needed to process and executes the results. It is known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is also known as the Central Processor which is place on a motherboard. That’s why it is the most important component for a computer and also we know the CPU as the brain of the computer.

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Now let’s see the types…

Types of CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The Central Processing Unit is Categorised by the number of CORES and THREADS. These two things describe how much the CPU is powerful and how much low. The work of the core is to perform the tasks. These tasks depend on the core( How much core it has) let’s take an exmaple CPU A has 1 core and CPU b has 2 cores. So, the CPU A has core 1 it means it perform only one or a minimal tasks but on the other hand The CPU B has core 2 that mean CPU B perform more tasks than CPU A.

And, the threads are the virtual components that divide the physical CPU cores into virtual multiple cores. Example If CPU has 1 core it means that have 2 threads, And the CPU has 4 core it means that have 8 threads. This is because when we open some softwares and applications that time it creates a thread that will help the computer to perform all the tasks in a specific period of time.

In the market There is two tough competitors of Processor/CPU are there:

  1. INTEL (Integrated Electronics)
  2. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Six differents types of CPU are there:

  • Single – Core CPU
  • Dual – Core CPU
  • Quad – Core CPU
  • Hexa – Core CPU
  • Octa – Core CPU
  • Deca – Core CPU

1. Single-Core CPU

The Single Core CPU is that CPU which has core 1 it is known as Single – Core CPU. And its thread is 2. This is the oldest form of CPU which is low power. As I have mentioned that how many cores are there in the CPU, shows their performance (how much they are capable of doing the tasks). In this case, the single-core CPU has only 1 core that means it performs only limited tasks. It’s not for multitasking.

But this types of CPU are the very oldest form of CPU Which is introduced in our historical period of time when the CPU was just invented. As such that time this is a very great and powerful CPU But at this time this CPU is not capable to perform our tasks.

The first Single-Core CPU was released by the INTEL Company Model Name = Intel 4004 in 1971.

2. Dual-Core CPU

A Dual-Core CPU is a combination of two Single Core CPUs where it has 2 core and 4 threads. It is the first Multi-Core CPU that is powerful than the single-core CPU. This CPU can easily handle multitasking and make it more comfortable for using and make your experience better than the Single Core.

To make Dual-Core CPU faster in order to run on a fully Optimised Speed. So that it is very important to have a special code in Operating System which is known as SMT(Simultaneous Multi-Thread Technology). It makes the running Program and Applications Smoother and Fast.

The first Dual-Core CPU was also released by INTEL Company Model Name = Intel Pentium D in 2005.

3. Quad-Core CPU

The Quad-Core CPU has Further Improvements than the Dual Core CPU. The word “Quad” means 4, which means it has 4 four core and 8 threads. Which is moreover powerful than the previous core CPU. In Quad Core CPU’s It divides all the work between four CPU Cores. Which makes our experience smoother and performing all the tasks within a seconds. This types of CPU make it possible to use heavy software like Photo Editing(Photoshop, Illustrator), Video Editing (Premiere Pro), Heavy games Etc.

The first Quad-Core CPU was released by the AMD Company Model Name = Athlon II X4 in 2009.

4. Hexa-Core CPU

The Hexa Core CPU has another level of Performace Which makes our work easier and smoother than the Quad-Core CPU. In this CPU it has 6 core and 12 threads. Complete all the tasks rapidly and also make the faster clock speed, working time, application and software opening time, and performance.

The first Hexa-Core CPU was released by INTEL Company Model Name = Intel core i7-980X in 2010.

5. Octa-Core CPU

The Octa-Core CPU has 8 Core and 16 threads. This means Its performance, application and software workload, clock speed, Rendering Time, etc. and many other things are getting to the next level of performance. Obviously, it is better than the Hexa Core CPU.

The Octa-Core CPU was released by INTEL Company Model Name = Intel Core i7-5960X in 2014

6. Deca-Core CPU

This CPU is the king of performance than the previous Core of CPUs. It has 10 core and 20 Threads. It gives us the killer, super-duper performance. I do not need to tell you about this Deca Core CPU Performance guess yourselves how much this CPU is Powerful.

The Deca- Core was also released by INTEL Company Model Name = Intel Xeon Silver 4114T in 2017.


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