About me:

Hey guys, Welcome to computerstudypoint

Founded in 2021

My name is Ankush Prasad and I am doing BCA course from IGNOU university right now.

So, Now you thinking why I am doing this course from IGNOU university? why I am not doing this course from other colleges.

This is because I am a Introvert guy and I don’t want to go college for fun. I am just wanted to take a lot of knowledge about computer with my Self Study, Because computer is my primary favourite subject since childhood and I am very curious to know about “How computers work” and “How they are so fast”. So that’s why I am doing this course.

Website Motive:

On this channel or website I will give you all the information related to computer and also providing you my experience of BCA course.

Our motive is just to provide an true and genuine information.

I hope you guys enjoy our blogs

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