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Hey guys, Welcome to computerstudypoint

Founded in 2021

My name is Ankush Prasad and I am doing BCA course from IGNOU university right now.

Name: Ankush Prasad (Student)

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I made this site to provide the knowledge which I am learning from this course (BCA), On this website, you will get all the information related to computers and I want you to come with me to explore the world of computers & knows about all the latest technology that is being invented every day.

Why am I doing this course and why am I doing it from a distance college?

This is because I am an Introvert guy and I don’t want to go to college for fun. I just wanted to take a lot of knowledge/information about the computer with my Self Study and this is my primary favorite subject since childhood and I am very curious to know about “How computers work” and “How they are so fast”. So that’s why I am doing this course.

My Second Favourite Subject:

As I said computer is my primary favorite subject it tells me about the working process of the new technologies of the computer.

And, my second and most favorite subject is “Finance” where I learn about the management of money. It tells me how I can manage my money properly for future reference. During Corona time, as we all know the government did a lockdown for so many days that time people lost their jobs and they are using their emergency funds to survive. That time I realized that the management of money is very important if suddenly something happens like this how will you manage if your job has an uncertainty of losing it 🙁

That’s why this subject is very important for me as well as also for you, I also made a second website where I share my all knowledge that I learned from this subject. Must visit my second website: www.finobay.com to know about the finance sector 🙂

My second Website: www.finobay.com

Website Motive:

On this channel or website, I will give you all computer-related information and also provide you my experience of BCA course and on the other hand, on my second website I will share all my information related to the finance sector to the given website: Must Visit: finobay.com

Our motive is just to provide true and genuine information.

I hope you guys enjoy our blogs 🙂