10 Best Computer Science Skills to Put on Your Resume

As we all know technology is rapidly growing day by day due to this the demand for computer science students is also growing. A company named OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT in November 2022, It is a chatbot that learns from human behavior from a large amount of data from the database. It can reply to all the answers to your question. Which is a very good thing and very useful for us. So if you want to make something like this and get a good job then you must make a strong resume by acquiring some skills.

So in today’s article, we are going to tell you the 10 Best Computer Science Skills to Put on Your Resume. So let’s get started…

1) Web Development Skill


Due to the growing demand for web developers, this skill is essential for anybody who is interested in the field of web development. In this skill, developers need to learn about websites how they work, and how they were made. In the process of building a website, there are some languages required to learn e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and many others. So this is a good skill you can put in your resume whatever you learned in this skill.

2) Software development Skill


This is another highly demanded skill where companies are looking for good software developers. This skill is about creating software, To acquire this skill you must learn first some programming languages Python, C, Java, etc., and for database purposes, you need to learn MySQL, MongoDB, etc. So these are things you can put on your resume. Well, there are many things are there you can also include.

3) Programming Languages Skill

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In a world of computers, Programming languages play a crucial role in the IT industry. To communicate with computers we need to learn some programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, PHP, C, C++, and many others. This is very important to understand the computer machine.

So, if you know any languages of programming then you must include these skills in your resume.

4) Database Skill

The database is also an important skill in the computer science industry where this skill is used for storing and managing the data of a large number of customers by the company. In this skill, you need to learn about DBMS, SQL, Data Modeling, Data Integrity, Database Security, etc. and many others. You can put any of these skills in your resume to create your CV better.

5) Machine Learning and AI Skill

In today’s job market, this is a skill that everyone is looking for. Due to this skill, you’ll get a competitive advantage because this skill has the role of Data Science, Machine Learning Engineering, AI development, and much more. So these are the skills you can learn and highlight in your resume.

6) Cloud Computing Skill

If you have expertise in cloud computing services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. then must include it because this skill has a high weightage in the field of computer science jobs. Employers are actively recruiting employees with these talents who can harness the potential of cloud technology and optimize it for a variety of applications.

7) Networking and Security Skills

This skill is all about maintaining the networks and security of computer system. It includes cybersecurity, firewall management, network administration, intrusion detection, encryption, and many more. If you have any skills in these areas, it will show that you have the ability to keep data secure, reduce risks, and maintain robust network infrastructures.

8) Data Structures and Algorithms Skill

This skill is essential for solving the probelms and developing more advanced technical solutions. If you have the ability to solve an problem, improve code for performance, and break down difficult challenges into achievable answers, this is the job for you. You can put this skill in your resume if you have an ability to do so.

9) Operating Systems 

We all know about what exactly operating system is because we all have many devices that comes with a pre installed OS like Android, IOS, Windows, Linux etc. This is the important skill in the computer science industry where the employer look into that are you able to do system installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and administration or not. So these are things you can include in your CV.

10) SDLC 

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is an integral part of both software engineering and computer science. You can highlight your experience managing the complete software development lifecycle, from inception to launch, by showcasing this expertise on your CV. ALso include SDLC methologies e.g. Agile,DevOps, Waterfall Model.

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