What is SRS in Software Engineering and its Types

What is SRS?

SRS is a “Software Requirement Specification”. It is basically a document that tells a description of the software which has to be developed. It has complete information about the system software. It is known as “SRS” or we can say system requirement specification.

While creating an SRS document there are two parties one is used and the other is the developer who develops the software. In the document user will tell about all the information/requirements about the software they want and the developer must have to fulfill their requirement while making the software.

Types of SRS

  • Functional Requirement
  • Non-Functional Requirement
  • Domain Requirement

Functional Requirement

In a functional requirement, the user can tell about the working process of the software in an SRS document that the developer must have to fulfill the user’s need.

Working process requirements like how the software will work and how it will execute its aim. This is basically known as a “Functional Requirement”.

Non-Functional Requirement

In a non-functional requirement user will tells about the expected characteristics of the software like about security, performance, Storage, Configuration, Cost & software accessibility etc. It is known as “a non-functional requirement.

Domain Requirement

In a domain requirement, it is related to a specific kind of software, purpose or industry vertical. It can be the functional and non-functional requirement. This type of requirement comes from the domain when the domain falls in the category of system. Example: suppose you are running a website where you sell laptops, So the requirement of your site is “Add to Cart” functionality, “Online payment” methods functionality, “Product Listing” functionality and so on. Its basically tell if your software fall in a specific category that means there is also need to fulfill the domain requirement by the developer. It is basically known as ” Domain Requirement”.

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