10 Best Linux Distributions for computer science students

The Linux distribution is a Unix-like open-source Linux kernel that is a core component of the operating system. So, now for the computer science students if they are in college and doing any undergraduate course in computer science then they must hear the word “Linux” because it is already a whole chapter in their curriculum, and it is very relevant in the IT industry.

As it is open-source that means anybody can make modifications in any linux distribution and can learn new skills and coding, that’s why the concept of linux is very important for computer students they can learn any software, and skills by using any Linux distribution.

Well, there are so many linux distros available on the internet for free but in today’s blog I am going to show you the best linux distributions for computer science students…


Ubuntu is one of the best and most powerful linux distributions for computer science beginners who just started to learn linux. It is a Debian-based distro that provides a user-friendly interface, a large software repository, development tools, powerful security, and a supportive community.


This is a good and ideal choice for computer science students to consider and the good thing is this distro takes less resources from your system than the other OS which means you can use this distribution in any low-end computer and do productive things.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro linux is an arch-based linux distribution that is mainly popular for its user-friendliness and for the arch-based platform. Due to this any beginner can use this distribution without any issue and can do productive things.


By using this distribution computer science students can do a variety of things like Web Development, software development, Networking, security tasks, etc., and much more. It’s a good choice to consider it.

Linux Mint


Linux Mint is a Debian linux distribution derived from the Ubuntu distribution and it is specially designed for the user who wants to do coding, development, and networking-like things. It is a good distribution for computer science beginners due to its user-friendly interface and stable performance. It provides a vast software repository, customization options, and strong community support.



Fedora is a good choice for computer students because it comes up with the latest open-source software and development tools, and a supportive community. The interesting thing is this distribution is neither based on Debian nor in the Arch-based platform. It’s an independent Linux distribution with a package management system, known as RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) Because it is entirely supported by the Red Hat company. In this distro computer science students can do all the things which you can do in other linux distributions, So you can easily consider this distro.

Arch Linux

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Arch Linux is an arch-based linux distribution that is mainly designed for advanced users who have a good knowledge of the linux industry and it is not suitable for the beginner. If you are a computer science student who has enough knowledge of linux then you can consider it otherwise you will face some issues while using some Arch Linux tools. This distribution uses its own unique architecture and package management system which is different from Ubuntu and linux mint.


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OpenSuse is a linux distribution that is neither based on Debian nor Arch it has its own architecture and package management system. This distribution comes up with popular desktop environments like GNOME, KDE Plasma, and many others. It is a user-friendly distribution but still, it is mainly focused on experienced users. Well, newbies can also consider this distro, but it may feel a little bit difficult to use. According to me, it is good for computer science students if you have already used some distribution you can consider this distribution you will easily get used to it.

Kali Linux


Kali Linux is a Debian-based linux distribution that is mainly designed for cyber security professionals and for ethical hackers. This distro is a very good option for those computer science student who want to make their career in the field of security, networking, hacking, etc. so that they can start their journey by using this distro. It comes up with essential tools that are required for security professionals and for hackers.

Parrot Security OS


Parrot Security OS is commonly known as “Parrot OS”. This is another distribution that is mainly designed for cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers and it is also a Debian-based distribution just like Kali. As I said in Kali linux this type of linux distro is primarily for security professionals who have an interest in a field like hacking, networking, etc. So, for the computer science student, this is a good distro to consider.

Elementary OS


Elementary OS is a Ubuntu based on linux distribution that is mainly known for its user-friendliness and beautiful interface just like Mac OS. This OS totally feels like you are using a Mac OS but the difference is it is based on linux that’s it. Well, it is good for computer science students as it has all the packages of Ubuntu so that the ease of use is very easy and beginners can easily use this distro without getting any issues.


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Gentoo is an independent linux distribution that has its own packages and architectures. This distribution is mainly designed for those users who want to take control of their system. It comes up with unique source-based package management that allows computer science students to assemble software from source code and optimize performance and it also allows users to do any type of customized things.

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