7 Best Linux Distribution for Programmers| Developers

People have a misconception that linux is an Operating System, But it’s not it is just a linux kernel which is a core component of the Operating system that is why people call linux an operating system.

Linux distribution is an open-source linux kernel that is freely available on the internet and anyone can use it that’s why many computer programmers and developers prefer to use it because it’s free and open-source and it is also known as the developer’s operating system because these distributions are made by the developers/programmers. As I said numerous distributions are available but finding the best distro for new programmers makes it difficult because if you choose any distro that may require manual things to do that makes you a problem. That is why you need to use those type of distro that comes with a user-friendliness and easy-to-use distribution.

So now let us see the best linux distribution for programmers…



Ubuntu is popular and a favorite among developers due to its user-friendly interface, large software repositories, and large and supportive user community. In this distribution, programmers can do many things like coding, development, and practice of any programming language, and work on small projects. Since it is open-source, they can also help their community by providing solutions to user problems.



Fedora is another favourite linux distribution for progammers/developers that comes up with a user friendly interface and with pre-installed developer tools that supports various programming languages. This distribution is a great choice for newly programmers who want the most latest tools in a secure environment since it maintains an ideal balance between the latest innovations and system reliability. They can also support open source project and do many such things that a normal programmer do.


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OpenSuse is an independent linux distribution that means it has it own system packages and software tools which is a good and essential for programmers. This distro comes up with two different edition: one is “Leap edition” and second is “Tumbleweed” edition. If I talk about leap edition then it provides stability, long-term support, and a secure environment etc and On the other hand openSUSE Tumbleweed provides innovative software, flexibility for developers who want the latest tools, and a rolling-release model for frequent updates.

Manjaro Linux


Manjaro Linux is an arch based user-friendly linux distribution which is normally designed for the programmers as well as for developers. It come up with the lot of software tools and packages which is good choice for coders and programmers because it is simple to use and keeps your computer up to date with the latest software. It is good linux distro you can learn any development and programs.


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CentOS is linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It aimed to be a free and open source distro that comes up with a user friendly interface and tools, which is ideal for programmers and developers and it also provides long-term support and compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So this is a good linux distro.

Now, Developer and programmers can use this distribution for coding, development, practice programming languages etc and much more.

Arch Linux

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Arch Linux is a developer-friendly Linux distribution based on arch and It’s known for its rolling release model, which lets you get the newest software. It offer lightweight and highly customizable distro which is mainly designed for the professionals not for the beginners. The reason is you have to do so many things manually otherwise you will get issue if you don’t have enough knowledge of arch-based linux distribution. This is totally a good distribution for a advanced progammers and developers.

Kali Linux


Kali Linux is one of the best linux distribution based on Debian OS that is mainly designed for the security professionals and ethical hackers that comes up with pre-installed security tools for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. While it is not primarily focuses on normal programmer but it can be useful for security-focused programmers and developers who work on secure software and applications, want to learn about ethical hacking, or need to test security measures in their projects.

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